Ok, so you all heard from Barton a couple of days ago, so I thought it would only be fair to add a bit of a female twist to this diary to make sure it isn’t too testosterone heavy 🙂

Here is a day in the life of me in Thailand…  Tuesday December 9th, 2014.

Barton woke me up at 7:00am all excited about another day of training (He is crazy!!!).  I had one of the best night’s sleep after an amazing massage last night.

8:00 to 9:00am – Training session #1 for the day.  I love the element of surprise. I love turning up and not knowing what I am in for. That nervous moment when you see the session for the first time for me is priceless.   I read the board & I see a LOT of burpees.  My first thought – that’s okay, I love burpees.

Half way into the session and my thoughts change – OMFG!!  I had sweat dripping from me like I had just jumped out a pool, I was hot, I was sore (from yesterday) and I won’t lie – I wanted to stop… But I didn’t!!!

I faced my mental demons in this session and came out on top.  Casey’s Mind 1 – Casey’s Body 0.

Although I looked like a red-faced drowned rat at the end of the sessions, I felt invigorated & proud of myself for not giving in.

IMG_35329:30am to 10:30am – Training session #2 for the day.  Kalorie Killa was the name of the session. Barton joined in on this one with me & I’m glad he did because I felt like I needed the support to get through.  This was 45 minutes of intense intervals. Think rope whips, spin bikes, sprints, squat jumps, wall balls, backwards crawls, sleds and more bloody burpees – My legs my legs I can’t feel my legs (for all the Shrek fans out there :P).

It is safe to say that I thought I was going to die pushing the prowler. But once again I survived.  Casey’s Mind 2 – Casey’s Body 0.

10:30am – The best form of recovery – FOOD!  OMG, a banana never tasted so good.   Not long after, I devoured some chicken, sweet potato & broccoli, THEN when we got back to the room I had some muesli & yoghurt to top it all off – delicious!!  Yep, this girl sure knows how to eat 🙂


 12:00pm – SPICY local Food – Holy moly!!   I can’t even start to describe how  much my mouth was on fire. ‘Only a little spicy’ he said. Yeah right – My mouth was on fire for a good hour after this meal.

We then headed to Kata Beach where we have started a trend of hotel pool crashing. It’s kind of like wedding crashing but with hotel pools instead of the wedding 🙂   I read my book and lay in the sun trying to build a natural tan. The picture says it all. This is the second best form of recovery.







3:00pm – Made our way back home & enjoyed a tasty chicken salad. 

4:00pm – Ice Baths (Barton insisted).  WOW! Ever had an ice bath before? Me neither until today!  I am quite sore from training so thought this might help. As you can see from the picture, it was a shock to my system. 2mins in the ice bath, followed by 2mins in the Sauna – repeat this sequence 3 times. Now to wait & see if the torment was worth it  😕 

5:00pm – We head out for dinner, again another delicious chicken and salad, then off to one of the local night markets for a look around & a sample of the local cuisine. My choice tonight – steamed dim sims, noodle-less pad thai and the witchetty grub that Barton dared me to eat 🙂

7:00pm –We rush home on the scooter to beat the oncoming storm. Try to get a massage but she is booked out and no one wants to help because of the storm. Better luck tomorrow!

Today was an awesome day for me; I learnt and achieved 2 main things:

  1. I didn’t give up. Yeah, things got hard & I battled so many different emotions in my head, but I kept going & I am glad I did.   If I didn’t I’m pretty sure I would be sitting here right now kicking myself for not sticking out those last couple of reps or seconds.
  1. My food is on track. Even though I am on holidays I am still trying to make the right choices. There are temptations around me everyday, but I am going with the rule of 90% on 10% off. Whilst your mind goes on holidays, your body doesn’t. 

Carpe Diem!