Casey’s Top 5 – Weekly Meal Preparation Tips

There is a saying that says that abs are made in the kitchen & and not in the gym. I agree with this 100%!
I know that you will look better, feel better, lose body fat and save some money just by following these following basic tips.

Planning your meals

At the […]

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Barto’s Top 5 – Week #2 in Thailand

Wow what an awesome ​first two weeks training in Thailand.
This Thailand training adventure has been an invaluable experience so far,  I am pushing my body to the limits and learning new training ideas every day to implement back at home.
​Over the past week I have completed:

12 x ​training sessions​
A minimum […]

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Never say Never

I had seven operations on my knee in three years.
I spent a total of six months on crutches.
I spent over $50,000 out of my own pocket on medicals and rehab.
Last week I ran for the first time in four years, 6 months and twenty days: 1663 days. It sounds like […]

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A Day In The Life of Casey Morrison…

Ok, so you all heard from Barton a couple of days ago, so I thought it would only be fair to add a bit of a female twist to this diary to make sure it isn’t too testosterone heavy 🙂
Here is a day in the life of me in […]

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Facing My Fears

I am shit scared of putting myself out there to the world. I have my own personal insecurities and limiting beliefs that stop me from posting valuable content on social media. It’s just not right!!
It feels so much better to get that off my chest!!!
Social media is a massive […]

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