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I was happy in my crapulence at a weight of 110kgs, I was well overweight and told myself that while I was too heavy, at least I wasn’t putting on weight so that was ok. Shortly after my 46th birthday I ventured onto to the scales and was surprised, no shocked, that this had ballooned to 115kgs, far out! This was really bad. I have always thought, I don’t want to be one of those overweight old men, struggling to walk 10 meters, or worse needing a mobility scooter because I am morbidly obese, yet that was exactly where I was headed. How dumb was that? So time to re-evaluate what the hell I was doing with, literally, my life. I had gotten away with plenty of poor health choices for the last 40 or so years, I certainly wouldn’t for the next 40.

The first change was the easy one – stop putting crap into my mouth. No more processed food, with its empty calories and high sugar content. The second change was just as important, but a lot harder, start an exercise program, make it regular and most importantly – make it a habit, just like brushing my teeth.

I signed up with Barto and Casey from 31-Day Body Transformation at the start of November with a goal to be under 100kg by Christmas Day, with a longer goal of over 30kgs weight loss. Their program of healthy eating and exercising has seen me achieve my first goal, weighing 99.6kg on Christmas Eve, I have no doubt I will achieve my next goal and more. I don’t starve myself, I don’t need to count calories or follow some idiotic eating fad. I like to call it the “don’t put processed crap into your mouth diet”, but it really is just eating the way my grandmother would. The guys make exercise a lot of fun, while making sure you aren’t letting yourself down by taking it easy. Importantly for me exercise has now become a habit; I now get that itchy feeling like I haven’t showered when I go without exercise for too long.

The best thing is that benefits have been much more than just the weight loss. I have much more energy, better sleep – my teeth even look whiter!

This program is has given me a healthy future – one that I can maintain and is sustainable in the long run

Craig Iedema

31-Day Body Transformation changed my life. I know that is a bold statement to make straight up, yet it’s the truth. I lost 10 kg in 6 weeks through the training offered in their programs along with clean eating. Barton and Casey are great role models and encourage you to do your personal best. They have kick started my healthy lifestyle and I feel like a different person. I have since lost another 5 kgs (total weight loss 15kg) and I hope to lose more in the New Year. The training they offer is great. No two sessions are the same. I can’t praise them enough for their continued encouragement on my weight loss journey

Natalia Hill

Joining the 14 and 31DAY training groups was one of the best decisions of my life!!! After training with the group for just over 2 years, I still look forward to every training session as much as my first! Our trainers are first class!!! Both their enthusiasm, encouragement and honesty always gives me that extra ‘push’ to try my hardest J. Our sessions are always fun and challenging, and when you put your mind to it – the results just appear. I have laughed, made great friends and trained my ass off with this group – and I think anyone interested in a healthy life style (with training and yummy food), needs to join the 14 and 31DAY crew ASAP!!!
Maria K

The 14DFB and 31DBT have been awesome for me. The training programs have increased my strength dramatically and I feel a lot better and healthier from following the eating guidelines.
I came to Australia from Austria and didn’t know anyone – I have met most of my friends at the 31DBT training sessions and I love that people motivate each other at every single training session to achieve better results.
Harri Mairhofer

When I first started with the 31DBT, in February 2014, I was feeling very stressed and lethargic and experienced weight gain over a long period of time, I think, from being on medications. After suffering from constant pain throughout my body and countless visits to doctors, specialists, tests etc I was diagnosed with “inflammatory arthritis”. A very broad term for no specific diagnosis I thought. After the first 3 weeks of training and focusing on my nutrition I felt quite a change in myself. It is really true – ‘you are what you eat’. I felt much more energetic and less stressed and really enjoy the sessions as they are certainly never dull – Casey and Barton make sure of that! The medication I was taking up to 3 times a day I now probably only need maybe once every 3 – 4 weeks! I am 52 and I think I feel the fittest I have ever felt. I feel more toned and have lost the extra weight I had put on even though that was not the reason for signing up. The aches and pains have virtually gone and this is the outcome I was hoping for. My eating habits have also changed, I think I am eating more than before, but I know that I have created good habits from the nutritional aspect of all of this.
Casey and Barton really know how to keep everyone motivated and I have admired their dedication to everyone who trains with them and this is the reason why, after 6 months, I still enjoy going to the sessions 
Kerrie Wakefield

I have never been overweight but have struggled with a bloated stomach which never seemed to go away despite exercising. As a lover of food and life, dieting was never really my thing either, and so I have never had much success losing the extra weight I seemed to carry around my mid-section and just resigned myself to the fact that it was just the shape of my body.  Doing the 14 Day Fat Burn program and then the 31 day body transformation has been a life changing experience for me. Eliminating foods from my diet and then reintroducing them in a controlled way taught me more about my body than I thought possible. I am 99% sure I am diary intolerant, and wheat to a lesser extent. I am also more conscious of the effect of sugar and alcohol on my body. The program has put me in control of my body: I can say yes to cake if I want to eat it, however I understand now how it will affect me! The result has been 7kg in weight loss, cm’s from my waist, hips and thighs, and drop from a size 10 to a size 8. Needless to say I feel fantastic; not just because of the weight loss, but also because I have better digestion, more energy, and feel cleaner and lighter
Mia Graham